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2001-2002 MATCHES
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6.19.01 EppyNAWA - Tyler, TXEppy
7.17.01Joey CormanSamir & EppyNAWA - Tyler, TXSamir & Eppy
8.21.01 Khan1st Rd NAWA Title
Tourney - Tyler, TX
8.21.01 Samir2nd Rd NAWA Title
Tourney - Tyler, TX
8.21.01 Big John
NAWA Title Match -
Tyler, TX
9.4.01Joey CormanSamir and
Matt Cox
NAWA - Tyler, TXSamir and
Matt Cox
9.18.01 BullNAWA Title Match -
Tyler, TX
10.9.01 KhanNAWA Title Match -
Tyler, TX
10.23.01 KhanNAWA Title Match -
Tyler, TX
10.28.01KhanSamir and
Joey Corman
SWF - Crandall, TXSamir & Joey Corman
11.6.01Mike PaigeEppy and Khan1st Rd NAWA Tag Title Tourney - Tyler, TXEppy and Khan
11.9.01 Joey CormanNWA/SW - Ft. Worth, TXJoey Corman
11.10.01 KhanSWF - Crandall, TXKhan
11.20.01 Sassy McBottomNAWA Title Match -
Tyler, TX
Sassy McBottom
11.24.01 KhanUIW Benefit Show -
Bronco Bowl
12.4.01 Sassy McBottomNAWA Title Match -
Tyler, TX
Sassy McBottom
12.4.01SamirEppy and KhanNAWA Tag Title
Match - Tyler, TX
12.18.01 Sassy McBottomNAWA Title Match -
Tyler, TX
1.22.02 Kevin KincaidNAWA - Tyler, TXGEMINI
2.5.02 Kevin KincaidNAWA - Tyler, TXKevin Kincaid
2.19.02 SamirNAWA Title Match -
Tyler, TX
2.23.02 KhanTCW Debut - Denton, TXKhan
3.5.02 Big John MurderNAWA - Tyler, TXGEMINI
3.19.02 Mike Paige1st Rd Mike Paige
Tourney - Tyler, TX
3.19.02 Khan2nd Rd Mike Paige
Tourney - Tyler, TX
4.2.02 Cajun KidNAWA - Tyler, TXCajun Kid
4.12.02 PendragonTCW - Denton, TXPendragon
4.16.02 Cajun KidNAWA - Tyler, TXGEMINI
4.19.02 Jeff BrownTCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
4.20.02 Canadian StallionTCW - Lufkin, TXGEMINI
4.20.02 Chip RiggsTCW - Lufkin, TXChip Riggs
4.20.02Hellraiser Hark & John AllenKevin Dark, Epi,
and Justin Walker
TCW - Lufkin, TXKevin Dark, Epi,
and Justin Walker
4.26.02 John Allen, Khan, and Jerry BrownTCW BattleBox Strap
Match - Denton, TX
John Allen
5.3.02 BullTCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
5.7.02 Drunk AdamNAWA - Tyler, TXDrunk Adam (DQ)
5.10.02 Krusher KongTCW - Denton, TXKrusher Kong
5.17.02 Jeff BrownTCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
5.21.02 Drunk AdamNAWA Stairway to Hell
Match - Tyler, TX
Drunk Adam
6.4.02 Cajun KidNAWA - Tyler, TXGEMINI
6.21.02 BullTCW - Denton, TXBull
6.28.02 PenndragonTCW - Denton, TXPenndragon
7.12.02 Jerry BrownTCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
7.19.02 Mike ThunderTCW - Denton, TXMike Thunder
7.26.02 Bad Brad MichaelsTCW - Denton, TXBad Brad Michaels
7.27.02 BullPCW - Arlington, TXBull
8.9.02 Hellraiser HarkTCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
8.17.02Melvin, Kyzer DouglasRebel, Chuck Murphy, Ramon GarzaPCW - Arlington, TXGEMINI
Melvin & Kyzer Douglas
8.23.02KhanJoey Corman and SamirHIW - Texas City, TXJoey Corman
and Samir
8.30.02 Aldo NovaTCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
9.6.02 John SaxonACW - Marshall, TXJohn Saxon
9.6.02BoneJeremy Young & MelodyACW - Marshall, TXJeremy Young & Melissa
9.13.02 PenndragonTCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
9.20.02 Kevin DarkTCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
9.25.02 KhanTCW - Lufkin, TXGEMINI
9.25.02BullThe Phat Samoans
(Epi & Khan)
TCW - Lufkin, TXThe Phat Samoans
10.4.02 KhanXCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
10.11.02 Seth ShaiXCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
10.12.02 TyckACW - Shreveport, LATyck
11.9.02 Dusty WolfeACW - Shreveport, LADusty Wolfe
11.9.02KhanTyck & Joey TitanACW - Shreveport, LAGEMINI
& Khan
11.15.02 KhanXCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
11.22.02 Seth ShaiXCW - Denton, TXSeth Shai
12.6.02 Tyler BatemanXCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
12.20.02Joey CormanOld School AssassinsXCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
& Joey Corman
2001-2002    2003    2004    2005    2006    
Updated -- 12.28.06

10.28.01 - The first match I had outside of the ring I trained in was against the two guys that trained me. I clipped my foot while jumping over the top rope to attempt a legdrop and luckily landed safely.

2.23.02 - My first match in TCW was against one of my training partners. My nerves were running wild, for it was my first time working in a new promotion, but I felt that I made my impression felt - especially upon Khan's face and upon the crowd's memory.

4.16.02 - I had my first match against the Cajun Kid 2 weeks earlier, but this was my best singles match to date.

4.20.02 - My first outdoor show was a blast. Being with 5 other wrestlers raises the level of unpredictability; having a large, energetic crowd just makes things even more fun.

5.21.02 - My hardcore debut came against the speedy and determined sadomasochist, Drunk Adam. Creative madness is truly shown when weapons can be used, and Drunk Adam was insanely inventive when he defeated me.

9.25.02 - The dust was flying in this tag match because the action was intense and the ring was inside of a rodeo arena. I cleaned dirt out of my boots, my bag, my tights, and my crevices for about a week.

12.20.02 - A great way to end the year was to be tagged up with my trainer against 2 tough opponents. Although Joey and I were facing an established tag team, we were the victorious team.