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12.21.09 XCW ... Rest in Peace
As I prepared for my final match in an XCW ring, my heart flooded with memories and countless emotions which I have gathered over the last 8 years. Then, I had to prepare to defend my XCW Heavyweight Title against a relative newcomer - Jerome Daniels.

Early in the show, Jerome called me to the ring, in an attempt to psyche out my intent of a final title defense; however, I reminded Jerome of my enduring presence in XCW - from when the company was TCW, my multiple title reigns, and my current reign as XCW Champion. So, the beginning of our match began with a flurry of punches, crisp and crackling chops, and a front flip dive over the turnbuckle and onto Jerome.

The match continues with an exchange of top-rope manuevers ... Jerome delivered a belly to back suplex that caused me to land on my stomach. Several moments later, I delivered a top rope powerbomb to Jerome. Each of us attempted to nail our finishing moves on each other, but reversals and counters kept the intensity of the crowd at a fever pitch. After I delivered my G-Force Superkick, I attempted my G-Spot Moonsault, but on my way down, gravity lowered my body into Jerome's Flawless Cutter.

The match ended with Jerome jumping from the top rope, but landing in the direct path of my G-Force Superkick. After the match, I gave Jerome a chance to catch his bearings so that I could thank him for offering a formidable challenge in my last title defense. The crowd displayed their appreciation of Jerome, but I wanted to show my appreciation of the crowd, who have graciously and respectfully supported my wrestling career. Moreover, my progression from an XCW rookie to an athletic aerialist, from a despised bad guy to a multi-time tag team champion, from a fan favorite to the best singles wrestler that XCW has produced, nurtured, and cultivated.

My last order of business as XCW Champion was to show my respect to the true champions of the company - the owners, Robert Davis ... better known as 'Pops'. He has made huge personal sacrifices to allow his son, 'Nite', to own a wrestling company that would offer me my first big break in a major wrestling promotion in Texas. Nite is viewed in different ways by different people, but I remained loyal and dedicated to XCW, for I knew that Nite would give me the opportunity to truly showcase my abilities. My last talent at an XCW event would be to give Pops the XCW Title (to a huge ovation), and to make my final walk from the ring area and through the XCW curtains.

I want to pay homage to all of those wrestlers who held the Heavyweight Title before me - Krusher Kong, Hellraiser Hark, Jared Steele, John Allen, Stryker, Scott Phoenix, Gabe Roach, Gary Tool, Masada, Hotstuff Hernandez, Eddie Atlas, Action Jackson, Brett Barnes, Greg Symonds, Jack Drastic, Drunk Adam, Scott McKenzie, Al Jackson, Kevin Douglas ... and to those I may have forgotten about, I want to thank you for paving a path for me to follow for so many years.

To the dedicated fans of TCW and to the recent fans of XCW, I gratefully appreciate and applaud YOU for coming to the shows, cheering and/or booing, buying XCW merchandise, and for giving me a reason to exercise during the week, to learn gymnastics, to improve my conditioning, and to motivate myself to have the best possible match that I can have, on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. But mostly, thank you for cheering me whenever I unloaded my G-Force Superkick upon every wrestler that wanted to challenge me in the ring. It is such a liberating experience to forcefully kick someone in the face - and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy when I know that there are others who felt the same way.

XCW may be gone, but it will never be forgotten.

X-C-Dub! X-C-Dub! X-C-Dub! X-C-Dub! X-C-Dub!

Updated -- 1.16.10

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