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2001-2002     2003    2004    2005    2006    
1.17.03 Eric Idol & David LopezXCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
1.19.03 Adam ActionNAWA - Tyler, TXGEMINI
1.19.03 KhanNAWA - Tyler, TXDouble Countout
1.24.03C-DiddyOld School AssassinsXCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
& C-Diddy
1.31.03C-DiddyEpiXCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
& C-Diddy
2.7.03 Action JacksonXCW - Denton, TXAction Jackson
2.14.03C-DiddyJeff & Jerry BrownXCW Tag Title Match -
Denton, TX
Jeff & Jerry Brown
2.16.03 KhanNAWA - Tyler, TXGEMINI
2.23.03 KhanTPW - Haltom City, TXKhan
3.9.03Sean CordovaThe OverboyzTXW - Tyler, TXThe Overboyz
3.23.03 KhanNAWA - Tyler, TXTime Limit Draw
4.13.03 KhanNAWA - Tyler, TXGEMINI
4.13.03 NAWA RosterBattle Royale for
NAWA Title - Tyler, TX
Jeff Brown
4.19.03 Cajun KidSPW - Lufkin, TXCajun Kid
4.19.03 Jonathan "Slack" MeyersSPW - Lufkin, TXGEMINI
4.25.03 KhanSPW Title Tourney - Jefferson, TXGEMINI
4.25.03 Joey TitanSPW Title Match -
Jefferson, TX
4.27.03 KhanTXW - Tyler, TXKhan
5.18.03 Ellis HaganNAWA - Tyler, TXGEMINI
5.18.03 Jeff BrownNAWA Title Match -
Tyler, TX
Jeff Brown
6.8.03Jonathan MyersSamir & KhanNAWA - Tyler, TXGEMINI
& Jonathan Myers
6.28.03 BullACW - Bossier City, LAGEMINI
7.3.03 StrykerSPW Title Match -
Jefferson, TX
7.11.03 BullXCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
7.12.03 C-DiddyPCW - Arlington, TXC-Diddy
7.18.03 Chuy LopezXCW IronMan Title
Match - Denton, TX
7.20.03 SamirN.A.W.A. - Tyler, TXSamir
7.25.03 Eppy the Fat SamoanXCW IronMan Title
Match - Denton, TX
7.26.03 L.A. SteeleSPW Title Match -
Greenville, TX
Time Limit Draw
8.8.03 Johnny Numba' FiveXCW IronMan Title
Match - Denton, TX
8.15.03 Jammin' Jimmy NeroXCW IronMan Title
Match - Denton, TX
8.17.03 Chance RomanceNAWA - Tyler, TXGEMINI
8.17.03Robert Mouldin &
Jonathan Myers
Hallowmass & KhanNAWA - Tyler, TXGEMINI
Robert Mouldin,
& Jonathan Myers
8.22.03 Chris RichterXCW IronMan Title
Match - Denton, TX
Chris Richter
8.29.03 John AllenXCW TV Title Match -
Denton, TX
John Allen
9.5.03 Khris GermanyXCW - Denton, TXKhris Germany
9.14.03 Chance RomanceNAWA - Tyler, TXGEMINI
9.20.03 L.A. SteeleSPW Title Match -
Greenville, TX
9.26.03 Bob MauldinSPW - Lufkin, TXGEMINI
9.26.03 Justin WalkerSPW Title Match -
Lufkin, TX
Justin Walker
(by DQ)
10.3.03 BullXCW - Denton, TXBull
10.10.03 D.O.C. MikeXCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
10.17.03 Bullman DownsXCW TV Title Match -
Denton, TX
Gemini (by DQ)
10.19.03 HallowmassNAWA - Tyler, TXGEMINI
10.24.03 Chance Romance &
Mercurio Aguila
10.31.03 D.O.C. MikeXCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
11.7.03 Bullman DownsXCW TV Title Match -
Denton, TX
Bullman Downs
11.14.03 Aldo NovaXCW - Denton, TXGEMINI
11.21.03 Drunk AdamXCW - Denton, TXDrunk Adam
(DQ - inferference)
12.12.03 Bullman DownsXCW TV Title Match -
Denton, TX
12.20.03 Aldo NovaSWF Texas Title Match -
Balch Springs, TX
Aldo Nova
2001-2002     2003    2004    2005    2006    
Updated -- 12.28.06

5.18.03 - I hadn't wrestled Jeff Brown in a singles match in over a year, and this contest was for a title. Him and his brother are two of the best wrestlers in the state, and they challenge me to perform at a high level in every match.

6.28.03 - Outdoor wrestling shows are somewhat predictable because the mat will always be hot, there is always an interested crowd, and the match as a whole will be an unforgettable experience.

7.20.03 - During the genesis of my career, I weighed more than my trainers combined; matches against him and others in a un-air conditioned warehouse in the middle of the summer are one of the many reasons I lost so much weight.

7.26.03 - A surreal experience came when I defended my title against an opponent I had heard of, but never truly met until we got into the ring. Although there was not a winner declared, I fought in the ring, out of the ring, in the bathroom, and in every hallway in the building to keep my belt.

8.22.03 - During the start of the match, I delivered a roundhouse kick that knocked out Chris briefly, but he returned the favor by nailing me with a chair as I dove out of the ring. He also delivered a top rope double underhook piledriver that proved to be the decisive move to defeat me.

12.12.03 - Our last encounter produced a broken hand for my opponent; this match would end with a swift meeting between my foot and his face, a broken title run by my opponent, and a new way to end my wrestling year - as a new champion.